Prolo-zone is a technique that combines the principles of neural therapy, prolotherapy, and ozone therapy. It involves injecting combinations of procaine, anti-inflammatory medications, homeopathic‘s, vitamins, minerals, proliferates and ozone/oxygen gas into degenerated or injured joints, and into areas of pain. The result of this combination is nothing short of remarkable in that damaged tissues can be regenerated, and otherwise, untreatable pain can be permanently cured.

What conditions does prolo-zone treat?
Carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, degenerative disc’s, degenerative arthritis, dental infections, heel spurs, neuromas, nonunion fractures, painful scars, plantar fasciitis, post-op pain, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, sports injuries, tennis elbow, TMJ pain.

Advantages of prolo-zone.

Ozone directly stimulates the down-regulated oxygen utilization and damaged areas of the body that is at the heart of why these areas don’t heal. Prolo-zone is especially effective when used intra-articularly joints. It can stimulate the regeneration of damaged cartilage in knees, shoulders, ankles, hips.

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