IV Therapy

Yes, that includes IV Hydration as well, we call that “The Hangover” and if you are suffering from one, give us a call now!

IV Therapy Near You

You do not have to drive to Merritt Island or Cocoa Beach for IV Therapy, you can get it right here in Titusville at Daly Integrated Medical Group. Contrary to popular belief, IV Therapy is not just for hangover hydration. Check out some of the other things IV Therapy can help with!

  • Post COVID Treatment
  • High Dose Vitamin C for active Chemo Patients
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Preparation for Surgery
  • Pre-Vacation vitamin boost
  • Surgery recovery
  • After being hospitalized for illness
  • General hydration maintenance, especially if you work in the heat!

Myers Cocktail

We offer the original IV therapy you might know better as the “Myers Cocktail”. Anyone can benefit from the combination of C and B vitamins packed into this immune system boost. If you come for a Myers Cocktail and need a little extra we offer many add on’s as well as other popular IV combos! Check out the full menu below!

The Boost Lounge - IV Therapy

The Boost Lounge - IV Therapy Lounge and B12 Injection Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy Packages

The original vitamin IV therapy. Pack with C & B vitamins to boost that immune system and great for those with chronic illness.

Did you have a “little” too much fun last night? Come in and feel better right now! This IV Drip is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, anti-nausea medicine and electrolytes that will get you back to feeling better quickly!

Get the ultimate beauty boost from the inside out with this perfect blend of hydration, high-dose vitamin C, multiple B Vitamins and amino acids. This powerful high-dosage IV vitamin and antioxidant drip helps you look and feel vibrant!

Boost your metabolism with vitamins and minerals to maximize weight loss with the added bonus of B Vitamins for energy and focus. This IV Therapy can be a great compliment to your current diet and fitness regimen. It also includes the Lipotropic formula of MIC, L-Carnitine and B12. The same thing you get with lipotropic injections!

This vitamin infused therapy combines potent antioxidants to assist with detoxification in order to help clear toxic buildup from the body. This particular IV Therapy includes a mineral blend and glutathione.

This therapy is formulated for those who play as hard as they work. It contains key nutrients for fast muscle recovery and relief after a tough workouts. This IV Therapy includes a high dose of Vitamin C, a Vitamin B Complex, Amino Acids and a big boost of B12.

This therapy helps to calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, restlessness and irritability. The blend in this IV Therapy protects the brain from stress, reduces inflammation and helps you sleep. This drip includes our mineral complex as well as B complex and B12.

NAD IV Therapy has become more and more popular due to the powerful benefits of this drip. You can turn back time and repair damaged cells with this potent anti-aging coenzyme. NAD infusion requires a 2 hour session instead of the normal 1 hour session for nutrition based IV therapy.

We offer intramuscular injections anytime. Just give us a call.

  • B12 Injections
  • Lipotropic Injections
  • Vitamin D Injection
  • Glutathione Injections

IV Vitamin Therapy Add Ons

The fat burning injection! MIC stands for L-Methionine, Inositol and Choline. These are lipotropic agents which help with the breakdown of fat and increase the metabolism

Branched-chain amino acids can increase muscle growth and can help to prevent fatigue.

This add on is packed with electrolytes for hydration and even helps you maintain plasma levels in your blood! It can help your immune system, bone health, collagen growth, skin, joints and even metabolism.

Exactly that! All the B’s! The 8 B vitamins that make up the B complex are:

  1. B

When you need a vitamin C boost there is no better way than to put it directly into your blood stream.

Whether you are in need of a hangover treatment or have been dealing with side effects of chemo, radiation or even from prescriptions; our anti-nausea add on can help!

We can offer additional fluids for not that much more!

  • Add 500 ml for $20
  • Add 1000 ml for $30

Anti-aging, detox, support immune systems and prevent disease all with this one add on! Glutathione IV drip makes it possible for the body to have a large quantity of glutathione since it is not absorbed well.

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