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Increase Your Range of Motion

Looking to increase your range of motion, improve your posture or balance? How about helping with issues you may experience from repetitive sports activity or manual labor at work? Kinetisense uses 3D motion capture technology. This same technology is used today by professional organizations such as the NBA, MLB, US Olympic Teams and CrossFit Gyms around the country. This program gives the patient a baseline report and shows areas where improvements can be made. From there, Kinetisense can suggest specific exercises to increase your level of performance or correct issues that could lead to injury and impairment.

Increase Healing with Kinetisense

What can Kinetisense do for you? Here at Daly IMG, we use this state-of-the-art program to detect how we can help you move better, reduce injury and increase healing. This program can be used to manage your improvements with range of motion, posture and balance. With the help of this advanced technology, your practitioner can better pinpoint the problems where pain, range of motion or other issues deeply originate. When your practitioner is armed with this type of data, you can expect to shorten your healing time with much more personalized treatments. For example, if the pain in your knee is due to a problem with your foot, this program will register that information.

Kinetisense scanning in Titusville

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